Thursday, March 20, 2008

Logitech refurb? A-OK

I've always been a fan of factory-refurbished Apple products, but I've had mixed success with refurbished products that aren't from Apple. Witness my refurb Samsung LCD TV with its noticeable blemishes on the cabinet.

So, I'm happy to report that my new, refurbished Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse is flawless and indistinguishable from the new ones I already own. Chuck and Jim also inspected it and couldn't find a flaw. At $45 without rebate hassles, it's a bargain compared to the typical $80 or more you'll see for a new one.

This mouse joins my other two MX Revolution Mice (one for dealpad, one for NY office, one for Huntsville office) as the best mouse I've owned yet. It replaces a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer, which was much cheaper and suckier. The Logitech mouse better fits my hand, weighs more (which is especially good when doing detail work), and has a much smarter scroll wheel that lets you get from the top of dealnews to the bottom with one flick.

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