Monday, June 23, 2008

Setup my Onkyo receiver & Infinity Beta 10 speakers

This weekend, I setup my new Onkyo TX-SR606 7.1-Channel Receiver (paid $385). Setup was a breeze. The only hitch was that I'm using a 2-channel setup, and it ships from the factory in 7.1-mode. So I had to configure it so it knew I only had two speakers. Cake.

The Onkyo TX-SR606 is overkill for my system, but it was one of the cheapest HTS receivers dealnews has listed with 4 HDMI inputs (that aren't sound-disabled like some older Onkyos). I've got the Time Warner box, HD DVD player (which I only use as an upconverting DVD player), Xbox 360, and Mac mini hooked up to it. Loving it so far.

I connected it to two new Infinity Beta 10 Bookshelf Speakers. The dealpad is a rental, so I opted not to get a multi-channel home theater speaker setup for now since I didn't want to run wire through the walls. These speakers were top-rated by Consumer Reports (ya I know, but cheap bookshelf speakers are hard to get a rating on). Although far from fantastic compared to high-end bookshelf speakers, I'm very happy with their sound at $89 a pop. They'll make decent rear speakers down the road. Too bad Vanns sold out.

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Rob Grady said...

I am setting up my SR606 with a mac mini next week. How did you connect the mac-mini to the SR606 with Video and Audio?