Monday, June 21, 2010

Public's Gilt City "Deal" Was Anything But

(Public. It looks much better inside)

I bought Gilt City's $150 deal on a 5-course tasting menu for two with wine at Public. A Michelin Star winner, Public is normally a fantastic restaurant, and $150 is a helluva deal to include wine pairings. Or so you'd think.

The tasting menu was only 3 for 5, with flavorless venison and a terrible dessert. Wines were only 2 for 5. (None were bad, but only 2 were actually good.) The server never bothered to ask us how anything tasted, and the incredibly fast pace got us out in just over 70 minutes. (For 5 courses! Is this an Applebee's?)

Overall, we felt treated like we had used a gift certificate. I did like Public, a lot. Now I'll probably never go back. My wife certainly won't. And I definitely won't trust Gilt City just because the restaurant is top-notch.

Gilt City (free membership required)

Update: I sent this feedback to Gilt, and Gilt gave me $25 for use on a future Gilt purchase. But far more valuable was the apology, sent directly from the president of Gilt City. Nice touch.

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