Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pining for a very special utility knife

Now that we have an office and home in NYC, I find that I miss one of those unique buying opportunities you'll see from time on dealnews: The Alltrade Auto-Loading Squeeze Utility Knife. I paid $6.94 for it way back in May of 2006 from Amazon (free shipping via Prime). That's one of the best purchases I've made in my life. I have one for my Huntsville office and one for my Huntsville home, both bought back then.

I open lots and lots of packages ... I get maybe three to four per week, even more when I order FreshDirect, tons more around Christmas. (Yes, I'm an addict.) I use this utility knife like a box cutter. It opens super-fast and retracts with an easy button press, keeping the blade safe. I've retracted it hundreds and hundreds of times, with no reduction in performance. Blade dull? Hit another button and it pulls out easily, replaced automatically.

It's got a comfort grip, it's pump action, auto-loading ... it feels almost like using a gun, but it's okay for liberals! When Jeff, our COO, comes in our office, he usually plays with it absentmindedly while talking. (Cha-chunk! Cha-chunk!) Yeah, that's a little scary.

FWIW, there are a few knives on Froogle that are identical, but not sold from stores I've heard of. I may try one of them, but I'll never get this again for $7 shipped.

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shojeff said...

I suggest carrying one back to NY in your carry-on bag....but only if I'm traveling with you so I can enjoy the TSA White Glove treatment :)