Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Site silliness: LNT & OfficeMax

Have you ever tried to add an item to your cart at Linens 'n Things (LNT.com) or OfficeMax.com, only to be told that you needed to enter a quantity first? We have to investigate a fair number of deals at these sites, and that particular eccentricity has always annoyed me. I mean, how many knife sets or all-in-one printers is a person likely to need? (Me? 6. But I mean normal people. ;)

No doubt there are things about dealnews that annoy people. But my (lame) excuse is, these are far larger enterprises than we are, and you'd think they'd have the resources to fix this quirk that shows up at virtually none of their competitors. Just sayin' is all.

Got a similar annoyance? Post a comment.

Update: The Company Store also has this annoyance, as Jeff Contray spotted, although in a different way.

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