Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Apple tax break! (not)

I got an email blast from Apple this week regarding the sales tax break in the State of Alabama. A sales tax holiday is a big deal on a Mac, since the cheapest new Mac costs $1,099 (outside of the Mac mini).

However, the fine print from Apple's promo says:
The transaction does NOT qualify for the exemption if:
  • The CPU costs more than $750 before tax.
Tune in for Apple's next promotion, where they give away a free Porsche 911 with every new MacBook purchased from an Apple Store for under $1,098*.

* Offer excludes student and government discounts, theft, typos, and other loopholes we haven't thought of.

1 comment:

smobey said...

Last year this event was unofficially called the Alabama Tax Free Buy a Mac Mini Holiday.

Back when there were independent Apple resellers, one could have charged 750 for the cpu and the balance for the keyboard and mouse.